Merge is a creative partnership.

We partner with companies and ad agencies to solve a vast array of marketing problems. Not in an account service way. Or in a project management way. (Those things are just part of the job). We solve problems in a creative way. 

1. We Listen  Tell us what you’re trying to say and who you’d like to say it to. And by “us,” we mean, the creative department. Not that “ace-in-the-hole” account exec. who passes it down to us. Just us. The folks making the work. 

2. We Think  We take the information you’ve provided and retreat to a not-so-secret bunker, where we think up the best ways to tell your story. We’ll still be reachable by phone, email, IM and all other forms of communication.

3. We Deliver  Where other agencies stop – a PowerPoint deck filled with flim-flam ideas that can’t possibly be executed - we hand-pick the best creative talent in the country to develop and implement fully produced work, on budget and on time. Minus the flim-flam.