Celebrity chefs. Celebrity shoulder surgeons. Why not?

Working with Agency 501 out of Arkansas, Merge is feverishly working on a brand identity for Flexxline, a revolutionary brace system developed by Dr. Wesley Cox,  

The prototypes are in and they look awesome.

Dr. Cox and his family then traveled to San Francisco to complete fellowship specialty training in shoulder and elbow surgery and sports medicine. He trained with several world-renowned surgeons including those who first reported the ability to repair rotator cuff tears arthroscopically in the 1980s and the designers of the shoulder replacement that is the most commonly used in the world. During his training and in his practice in Fayetteville, Dr. Cox has worked extensively with high school, collegiate, and professional athletes which gives him the credentials to create such a product.

Over the course of the next year, we'll see big things out of this brand.